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Corsair Link v4 H80i V2 custom fan curve


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HI folks,


I have an issue with CL4 and my H80i V2.


I want to be able to set my fans to a custom curve and select it based on the CPU package temp not the H80i V2 temp.


So far I have been unsuccessful in getting it to increase based on the CPU package it seems only increase fans based on h80i temp and under performance mode.


I've created a profile called winter selected fans to custom then group as both H80i temp and tried CPU package but it doesn't seem to increase fan rpm. I did a stress test using the performance profile which goes off the liquid temp and the fans only increased to 1500rpm when the coolant got warmer but CPU hit 55c. But if the fans had kicked into full speed under stress test I imagine my CPU temp would be cooler.


Can anyone help. I believe the h80i V2 is by asetek and their firmware isn't very good. I previously had just the H80i and had no problems other than the pump starting to click and grind.


Anyone out there can help.

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I created a profile called "winter". Then next I clicked on the "fan"and it brings up a window I selected "custom" under the fan then I changed the points at which I want the fans to increase. Then under group selected "CPU package". Clicked apply & OK.


I selected the lowest fan rpm level for 20c then at 35c selected 45% then 50 is 65% and finally full speed at 55c.


The only time I noticed the fan rpm increase was when I used the performance mode and left the fan on performance which runs off the liquid temp and at 60c on my CPU (using realtemp) the fans kicked up to 1560rpm but there was a lag between hearing them speed up and seeing the rpm change in CL4

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Problem solved. Just disabled all the on board fans for motherboard (as no fans connected to motherboard) also uninstalled CL4 using revolution uninstalled removing the registry entries as well.


Rebooted and then reinstalled CL4. Set the fan to custom fan curve based off the CPU package temp. And they fired straight up. Hitting 2400rpm as designed.


So it appears to be solved now.

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Ok so problem is not completely solved. I just ran a stress test and set the fans to my custom curve based off the CPU Package and they wont increase in RPM.


I have gone back into the BIOS and enabled the Q Fan Control for Chassis Fan 1 and 2 and set it to PWM mode and re run the test and still not working.


What could I possibly be doing wrong.

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So what I have done is uninstall CL4 latest version using an uninstall program to completely remove from registry.


I've gone back into my BIOS and disabled the Q Fan control again for the Chassis fans (none installed). I've left CPU_FAN as disabled and the pump is running at full speed.


I've set the fans to performance mode based off the CPU Package temp and it is a cool night tonight so the max the fans have got to based off the CPU Package temp is 1500rpm briefly.


If I set the fans off a custom curve is doesn't work as well as if I set it to say 25c @ 50% I should get about 1200rpm as fans are spec at 2435 +/- 10% so I think that is normal finally.


However if I set it to a custom curve it doesn't work as well and as a test I set at 20c @100% but they didn't increase to full speed.


I'm just worried if I put the CPU under a full load that it will overheat & shut down.


Why is it so difficult to work this cooler. The original H80i was simple and worked well on custom curve.

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