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Cooling for Corsair Obsidian 450D


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I am going to buy the Obsidian 450D computer case. Which Corsair cooling unit is best for the Obsidian 450D:


H115i (front mount)


or H100i v.2 (top mount)


Am I right on this? The H115i can only be mounted on the front of the Obsidian 450D?





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Ive got a 450D case, with a H100i installed at the top.


The H115i 'looks' like it would fit either the top or the front, although I doubt you would be able to fit the cooler in the top mount with the motherboard and everything fitted.


Heres a pic of mine to give you an idea of the clearance with just a H100i (non v2 version)




As you can see, there isn't much room to play with depending on your motherboard model and heat sink arrangement etc


I could mount the H100i further towards the front of the case if I didnt have a Dvd drive fitted, which would give more space etc if needed

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Most every time I would recommend you take the H100i in the top and preserve your unobstructed front intake. If you needed a little extra cooling, the H105 could be used in the top as well.


However, if this is for the hardware listed in your details and you have two 980 Ti's to contend with, I would front mount whatever cooler you get. You will need maximal exhaust to remove the enormous amount of GPU waste heat. Putting the radiator in the roof places it in thermal zone of the GPU's and it will have an effect on your water temperature. Most people I have spoken with have water temps well into the 40's while gaming in cool rooms 20C +-3. With less powerful GPU's you would be 10C lower, thus it will cost you 10C in peak CPU temps as well as play havoc on your fan curves. You probably have some headroom with Skylake, but it is something to consider.


The negative of placing the radiator as front intake is the CPU waste heat will be dumped into the case. In a cool running system, this is very noticeable. With two Ti's, the effect will not be so dramatic and hopefully the free top and rear exhaust will offset some of that.

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