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Curious about buying a Void headset.


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Hey all. I've had my eye on the Void headsets for a while, as I'm needing to upgrade my headset situation (I'm currently using a pair of old beats for audio with a broken pair of turtle beaches hanging around my neck for a microphone - high-end, I know). However I've seen many complaints about the Void line, so I'm afraid to buy one from it. I really enjoy the look and shape of them (I have a cartilage piercing, so comfortable headsets are hard to come by), but I've heard that the microphone quality is very poor for the price which is kind of disappointing. I'm wanting to get the wireless set since I'm getting tired of wires getting stuck in the wheels in my chair. I guess this post is mainly about a few questions I have, which are as follows:

-Have there been any fixes that help out the microphone on the Void headsets?

-Is the microphone on the USB set better than the microphone on the wireless set?

-Do you think that any of these headsets are worth the price?

Any answers or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Edit: Sorry if this isn't in the right place, I'm not a frequent forum user. I'm just curious about this headset as it looks nice but I don't want to commit one hundred (or nearly one hundred) dollars to a headset that I'll be disappointed in. Thanks!

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They really are a good headset.

The software breaks the headset at distance (needs to be paired anytime you loose connection but not using the CUE software fixes the problem)

Other than that I have had no issues, 12-14 hour battery life even after 6 months of daily use.

The USB/wireless model's use the same hardware.

If you want studio quality from a mic don't bother but if you're using it for voice chat they work fine. Never had any complaints from people not being able to hear me. Even with the micboom up you can still be heard.

It has quite good noise cancellation

Sound quality is great and these headset are bloody loud

Well worth the price I would say.


Hope you find this useful

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Stay away from these headphones whatever you do. Buying the Corsair Void headphones was one of the worst things i have ever done, full of bugs, problems, drivers corrupting themselves, not pairing up with the dongle properly, device not being recognised in windows, the problems are just endless, and fixes for them usually result in having to read these forums for hours to find a solution that the developers themselves can't even work out.
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