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Corsair H80i GT doesnt detect factory fans and shutdown PC


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Hi !

First of all, my english's far away to be perfect so sorry for that :)


Anyway, i bought a Corsair H80i GT, instaled it and it work fine BUT i replaced the factory fans by 2 Bitfenix 120mm with blue leds.

The thing is, i have some problem with those fans and my rheobus so i decided to install the factory fans and when i did this they're not recognized by the watercooling kit and my PC shutdown 10 seconds after (not for the t° i'm sure about that).

When i restart my PC if i dont connect the Bitfenix fans my PC shutdown when the redlight on my motherboard check the CPU part.

I think the problem's from the Corsair Link 4 but i'm not sure ofc.

I uninstaled and instaled the driver multiple times and it doesnt change anything.

I totally dont know how to solve the problem :(


Help pls !


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By shutdown, its just turning off without going through a proper shutdown?


You will want to check what the CPU_LED indicates during post and possible causes and resolutions which should be available in the motherboard's user manual.


You can also try reseating the CPU and see whether that changes anything.

Do you have anything connected to the CPU_FAN header?

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