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GTX 1080 (EVGA ACX 3.0) - Water Cooling Help


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Hello Everybody,

Sooo I am new to the Forums, so I am going to start off by saying Hello to All!


Basically I wanted to make a thread and ask a couple things, someone mentioned them doing what I am doing but I never received a response when I sent them a Private Message so figured I would start a Thread and see if anyone else has done it as well.


I recently was able to finally order my new GTX 1080, which I am SUPER excited about, I ended up getting the EVGA model and it happens to be the ACX 3.0 version which the ACX 3.0 is suppose to be "Upgraded Cooling", but I am currently putting together my "Uber Rig" and basically going all out on it (Probably average for a lot of people lol, but definitely uber to me! :biggrin:), so since I am making the Rig as "Beefy" as possible I am going to ditch the ACX 3.0 Fan Cooler and I am going to Water Cool the GTX 1080, I have always been a fan of AIO coolers, I was going to go with a EK AIO Water Cooler because they are Modular, but I ended up going with a Corsair H115i for my CPU because I have a H110i thats basically brand new so I was just going to use the H110i for my GPU, but after getting most of the build done I really don't have the room for the additional 280mm Radiator, so I am going to go ahead and throw the H110i on eBay and I got the Corsair H90 instead which is 140mm and is going to fit perfectly which dual fans on the radiator. So now that I have the AIO Water Cooler all set, I found out that Corsair doesn't make a GPU Block/Bracket for the GTX 1080 yet, but ive heard a few people we're able to use the Titan Water Block/Bracket for their GTX 1080 with a couple mods, so I am wondering if anyone was able to possibly link me a couple pictures of their GTX 1080 with the modified Corsair Hydro Series HG10 N980? And also kinda go over what exactly I should do to modify it to work with my GTX 1080.


Thanks in advance for any advice, etc.








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