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Finaly: Total 100% automatic League of Legends Integration!


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Hi Guys


I've written a small Programm Called: "CueLegendKeys"


How does it technically work?

CueLegendKeys captures the screen (screenrecord) and analyzes the Ability- and Itemimages from the Ingame UI.


After that, it does some Image-Color-Calculation-Magic, extracts the state (cooldown or active) and the dominat icon color.

The sames goes for "Actives" on Items.

Finally it sends this color to the cue sdk - thats all.


Of cause: Heal and Mana bar will be displayed (on F5-F8 and F9-F12).





Download here:




How to Use CueLegendKeys Beta?

- Make sure you've got Windows X64! (Tested on Win10/64 here)

- Start CueLegendKeys (you can close it, if you want to - it will resist in tray)

- Start LOL

- Have fun!


Please note:

- Current Beta will only work on Windows 64

- You‘ll need to run LOL at 1920x1080!

(Support for other resolutions can be done)

- You‘ll need to set the UI-Scale to 100%

(Support for custom UI Scale can be done)

- You‘ll need to set LOL Client to „Fullscreen Windowed“ Mode

(Other WIndow Modes will be not supported unless you provide a C++ Solution to Capture the Screen.





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Forgot to mention:


The Gui of CUELegendKeys is "information only" - so there is nothing to do there is nothing to Set up or something else.


But you NEED to enable the SDK functionality in the CUE App.


And - of cause - the software and its sources will be published as Open Source on github after i did some code cleaning.

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