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M65 Pro RGB - Have one? I need you to test something...


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I'm on my 2nd M65 Pro RBG and am having a very odd problem, and I can reproduce it regularly. I thought for sure the first mouse was just defective but this 2nd mouse does the same thing. Just to be sure I'm not going insane or having my usual rotten luck with hardware, I need somebody out there to try this as well.


1) Set your middle mouse button to something that will be very obvious when it clicks/activates, such as opening Calculator. Alternative: open a long web page where middle click scroll will work.


2) Click your middle mouse button (and let go). This should do exactly what you'd expect it to do, and this step may not actually even be necessary.


3) Quickly lift your mouse and set it back down a few times, not unlike what you would do when playing a shooter using low sensitivity (obviously you wouldn't do it repeatedly while playing but this is to speed up the process). Don't be super gentle with it. Again, we're trying to reproduce typical gaming usage here.


4) Click the left and right buttons a couple of times. Watch in amazement as Calculator opens (or whatever you set middle mouse to). Note you may have to try steps 2-4 a few times before it works.


Obviously, this means I cant bind anything to middle mouse. Randomly dropping a grenade at my feet doesn't stay funny for long. Please give this a try and tell me I'm not alone...


(Note: firmware and CUE are up to date)

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