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Corsair Sabre RGB Status: Malfunction

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As the title says, my sabre rgb is showing its status as malfunction, I unplugged my PC from the power to update my cooling, adding a system fan, and I turned in back on, I found that the lights on my mouse were not working,as they should, they main was, and still is , continuing to glow red. I have no way of using my profiles to or change the lighting. The only section of the lighting that works is the dpi colour selection bar.


I have attempted to update the firmware, however it got to 3% and it stopped, it did not change for 3 hours, so I canceled it and it is still not working.


I have owned this mouse for about 6 months, and have not had any problems until now. So I doubt it is a factory problem, meaning I would not be able to replace it with the warrant, I believe.



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If you have not done so already, Put a support ticket in with Corsair.



Are you experiencing the same issue as the OP?

If so, Try resetting the moue and see whether that helps.

To reset the mouse. Unplug the mouse, Hold both the left and right click buttons down while plugging the mouse back in.


You will also want to make sure your USB chipset drivers, BIOS and Windows is up to date.


Do you know the full model of your motherboard? If so, what is it?

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