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Hydro H80i v2 change the fans


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All Corsair LED fans have 3 pin DC motors. You will not be able to control them from the pump block or Link. They must be PWM fans to work in that way. You can power and control DC fans from your motherboard or fan controller. The new Corsair fans on the way may address this issue, but we'll have to wait and see and there is no firm release date.


There are other PWM LED 120mm fans in the world. Be careful with the current draw. Some high RPM models can pull as much 0.45A. The H80i (v2/GT) is supposed to be able to handle this, but putting two together on a single motherboard header is cutting it close.

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There are other PWM LED 120mm fans in the world.

yes but i dont want build some Enermax or Lepa fans in my PC . i have 4 Case fans (AF120Q Blue Quiet Edition)thats why i want that the fans be from the same Company. a fan controller i have too..


This is possible only if you use a CL Mini which does support 3-pin voltage fans, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=156661.


ok thanks i thing the Corsair Commander Mini is the best way


one question i just have the fans who come with the H80i v2 have a max

0 - 2435 rpm and the Air Series SP120 blue LED have max 0 - 1650 rpm

is there a poblem or is max 1650 rpm enough ?


i never had my fans on maximum rpm . in corsair link i use the silent profile even in gaming it is cooling good enough for me and my overclocked Procesor dont go over 48 C

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1650 rpm is plenty unless you have strong ambient case heat and the H80i is the only pathway of exhaust. Since you are already comfortable at the lower speeds now, it is very doubtful this will be an issue for you. You get diminishing cooling returns at higher end fan speeds, so there usually isn't much benefit to blasting the fans.
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