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Sort of FAQ for commander mini


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I'm building a new system just for gaming and I want to solve my never ending issues with fan noises, once for all! Corsair Commander Mini could be my answer but as much as I read, I get more confused. Last time I built my PC was about 6 years ago, still quiet powerful, but I found myself outdated! Now questions:


1. Can I turn the fans off? I called Corsair tech support and they were positive, I asked twice but some posts in the forum saying otherwise.


2. Does the commander mini control fan speeds base on temp sensors?


3. PWM fans only or 3 pins as well?


4. Is the <40% PWM support issue for any PWM? Firmware talks confuses me.


5. Do I need any other device beside Corsair Commander Mini to control fans? The installation guide shows a Corsair Link device.


6. I'm going to connect H100i V2 and 4 to 5 additional fans, so do you want to tell something about the relation between H100i V2 and the commander?


6. Pros and cons vs NZXT Grid+ V2 vs NZXT Sentry 3. Well... I understand the H100i V2 part with NZXTs.


I'm relativity new to this sort of stuff so if you see I am terribly off topic please enlighten me.

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  1. No, but we keep asking for it and Corsair either say nothing at all or say maybe. I suspect the Corsair support guys need additional training.
  2. Yes and no. External Temps + Temp Sensor 4 work, 1 -> 3 don't. See http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134621.
  3. Yes, but I recommend 4-pin PWM.
  4. The lowest PWM % CL4 allows is 40%.
  5. No. What is the URL of the "installation guide".
  6. The CoolIT CL Mini firmware supports more facilities then the Asetek H100iV2 firmware and I prefer the CoolIT H110i, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=795986.
  7. This question makes no sense to me. The H100iV2 is Corsair not NZXT. What are you asking about?
  8. 1 -> 6 are not "off topic" at all.

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Thanks red-ray, I was really hoping you reply first and you did :) I read many of your posts here...


1. The guy kinda got mad of me when I asked for second time! Is it something to do with the Link or the hardware?

5. This one misled me, I'm good now.

6. 240mm is my case limitation. Informative regardless.

7. I meant Commander Mini vs NZXT products without considering H100i V2, just to control case fans. Since I can't turn fans off with the commander, NZXT stuff make more sense to me.

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1. I rarely if ever get any sense from Corsair "technical" support. In February 2016 they gave me the run-a-round for two weeks incorrectly stating Chillbast were not an authorised Corsair reseller.

5. The link is to your original post :confused:. BTW change the last 6 to 7.

6. I would get a bigger case.

7. The only NZXT device I have is an NZXT Kraken X31 and the firmware is rubbish :(:, much worse than my H80iGT. You may also wish to read http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=159462 and follow the links. Running CL4 and CAM at the same time is asking for issues.

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1. I suspect you will not be the last ;):

2. If Corsair fixed the bugs in the CLCC firmware and added 0 RPM support then they would have a far better product and sell more of them. Existing CLCC owners would also finally get what they were sold in terms of hardware and firmware.

5. This is what I suspected. I posted http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?p=790272 about the obsolete guide on 20-Jul-2015 and feel something should have happened after over 10 months :(:.

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If Corsair made it so that Link 4, did something useful on install rather than saying " An older version of link has been detected, Sod Off" that would be good too. Maybe deleting whatever fragments of V3 it found would be good. I spent a couple of hours searching for and deleting every reference that I could find of Link, both in my files and in the Registry.
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