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Series RM1000 Is the Worse Buy!


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$149.99 for a PSU that's not even operating efficiently.. What a complete waste of money.


The idea behind "Zero RPM Fan" is a joke. And if I had know that meant the fan on the PSU would never turn on, even if the PSU Case is 110-120F. I at least though there would be a manual function to turn the fan on/off; or even through the Clink connection, but nope.. Who ever thought of leaving that function out needs to be fired for being a moron. Granted it's partly my fault for not researching the PSU prior to dropping $150 on it, but I thought that it being a Corsair product I wouldn't have to worry about any issues.


The RM1000 put so much heat of that it causes my GPU to run hotter, which requires me to keep the GPU gans on to push the heat away as much as possible.


I have a temps sensors taped to the PSU case, along with a 4 others placed through out the case; and they are all monitored by a RasPi Zero (this Pi also controls the LED lighting, and PWM fans)... If I replace the RM1000 with the EVGA 1000W PSU (from my Intel Build) the temp sensors drop over 10 degrees.


The "Zero RPM Fan" is completely ineffective if its causing the rest of system to run hotter than it should.


From what I've read there is nothing I can do to force the fan to start spinning; So I wasted $150 on a PSU that I'm not going to use when it causes excessive heat inside the case. If I could send this thing back for a refund I would, but unfortunately that is not an option. So I'm SOL. Will be the last Corsair product I buy, and will never recommend another Corsair product. For 15 years I've been building computer, and many of those builds had Corsair parts; but never again.

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