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Corsair Void Souround headset mic sound distortion.


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So i picked up a void surround for my wife and I and PAX east. 2 weeks after getting them home my mic started to sound really bad. I then put in an PMA to get new ones, in the middle of getting my new ones in the mail my wifes one started doing the same thing. Then today after getting my new ones in the mail, right out of the box they have the same sound problem.


I installed the new gaming software corsairHeadsetSetupo_release_2.0.37.msi because i had a HS1 from before and still had that software and thought maybe they were interfering with each other. I was still having problems until I pushed the mute button on the side of the headset a few times and now it work.


So i dont know if its a software issue (because the void firmware drivers are .4) or if its a bad mic mute button in the headset effecting the signal to the computer.


Either way i would love to know something i can dlo to try and fix my wifes and i hope my new one doesn't have the same problem again or i'm going to be looking for either an upgrade or a full refund.

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