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Possible to create a ripple effect from a single key?

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As the title suggests, I would like to make it so that a ripple effect occurs from the 'Q' key when I press it, but doesn't occur when I press any other key; I am creating a profile for Elder Scrolls Online and thought it'd be useful to have.


Is this possible? If so can anyone explain how? The learning curve with CUE is pretty steep and I'm just getting into it.



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To do this, you will have to start with creating a lighting effect (or use the "Purple ripple.lght" attached).


Then you will have to make an empty action (that does not do anything, unless of course if you want it to do anything) and in the Action, set the "Lighting when start" as the lighting effect you have created (so it looks like in the picture I attached).


Or you should be able to use the "Purple Ripple Action.act" attached.


After this you must assign the "Purple Ripple Action" to a key (in your case Q).


Then all you should have to do is press Q and enjoy :)

Purple ripple.lght

Purple Ripple Action.act


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