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H2100 will not power on


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I turned off my H2100 headset last night. I just tried to use them a few minutes ago. I pushed the power button and the light on the headset will not come on. I plug in the charging cable and no amber or green led. The dongle is blinking like it does when waiting for me to synchronize the headset. I have disconnected/connected the dongle and the USB charging cable many times in various USB ports. The dongle blinks in all of them, but the led charging indicator does not come on nor does the blue led on the headset when I depress the on/off button of the headset. Corsair Gaming H2100 Headset is recognized in Devices and Printers, Windows 7 Home Premium. The headset had been working without issues since Christmas 2015 until around 5:00 PM EDT this evening.


Oh and by the way I discovered that the plastic piece cracked just above the pivot of the left microphone ear piece. This is the plastic piece where the four screws are attached. There was no sound just the feeling of the headset being loose, so I took them to see why. That is when I saw the crack along the bottom edge of the FCC sticker. I turned the headset off. Tonight I put some tape across the crack and tried to turn them on to test them and now they don't power up.

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