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My scimitar is so weird


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Hi everybody,

I'm now looking around by two days trying to find a solution to my problem.

Google doesn't help so much...


I hope that I will have more chances here.


first of all, are is some infos about my system:


Win 10 64bit

CUE v. 1.16.42

Scimitar Firmware: 2.03

the mouse is plugged on the mouse port (usb 3) of an Asrock fatality x99m killer


There is my problem:


I can't assign nothing to the mouse side buttons.

the onely things that work are: shortcut and text.


somebody as the same problem?


I know that the mouse is working as some

command work.


for exemple, if I use the shortcut "file explorer" it work.


If I use a keystroke "Ctrl+n" it doesn't work.


I now that there is no problem with profile and mode as I use onely one

who is saved in the mouse and used as default profile.



So I hope someone could help. Thanks a lot

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What about something like Alt+Tab? Does it work fine?

Are you using Macro Record for the keystrokes?


Hi,thanks for your answer. It doesn't work eaven if I use a macro record.

I really have tryied everything. the onely thing that work is text and shortcut.

using typing key doesn't work too.

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