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Type 3 Cables - swapped pins


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Hi all


I recently bought replacement sata cables for my CX500M psu from Amazon (CP-8920113 cables). These were listed as type 3 cables compatible with the CXM series psus but they have "TXM/HX/AXi only" stamped on them. Since they all use type 3 cables I think that's fine, maybe...


My main issue is that the pins on these cables do not match the pins on my original cables that came with the CX500m, in particular the unconnected pin is now in the top centre. The original cables say "Type 3" on them and the unconnected pin is on the bottom row in the centre i.e. pins 2 and 5 are swapped. See attached photos. I have multiple copies of each type so this isnt a one off manufacturing error.


I tried the cable with 1 old disk to test and it seems to work fine but I'm still a little worried, is this normal and safe? Thanks for any advice you can give, I really don't want to see 8 disks go up in smoke!





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