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Sabre Optical "Snap" issues


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Hey all,


I Purchased a Corsair Sabre Optical about May last year, and i have had issues with it from day one.


The issue is when i am playing games (Mainly FPS games (CSGO,BF4,Overwatch) "probably due to the very fast mouse movement")


I will move the mouse very fast and it will freak out, spin around a few times and i will be looking at an entirely different angle, this all happens well under a second and always results in my death because i am usually in a firefight.


- Have formatted many times, used windows 7 and went to 10, the issue retains

- Updated the Utility engine + Firmware multiple times

- Played with turning on/off features like Angle Snapping, Enhance Pointer Precision, DPI etc.

- Played on different mouse pads/surfaces



I have reason to think its a hardware fault and the store i bought it from offers no warranty, and i have no idea what corsair offers, probably expired after 1 year by now.


I love the design of the mouse, but if i cant get this fixed i am probably going to have to trash it, go back to my old logitech G9 and save up for a new Sabre (maybe laser this time) or a ducky secret because im afraid of this issue happening again

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Thanks for the reply, i had no idea it was 2 years


In saying that i no longer have the original packaging so i think their rules say it wont be accepted


Also means i have no idea what specific model it is, unless it tells me in the corsair utility engine, but i do not have access to my computer until next week.


If they wont accept it due to not having packaging (i do have the receipt still)


Then ill have no other choice but to buy a new mouse

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Original packaging is not required for an RMA. As long as the mouse is well packed, it will be fine.


The Mouse is a HID Device and most of the details can be found on the sticker near the USB plug.


The receipt is needed for a RMA approval as it is used to verify warranty status.

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