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George Please Make a 400H (hybrid)


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I really love the look of the 400c, but I'm not a fan (pun intended) of the open top exhaust area due to the noise increase that comes with it. I was hoping you folks would make a hybrid version with the 330r silent edition, but it definitely is to late for that.


Is there any chance we can see a 400q with a side panel window? Maybe do a limited run of 10-20 with a price increase to go with it.

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If they're considering a hybrid, I hope they take into consideration some of the criticisms people/reviewers have had with the present 400c/q, so that they can improve on an already good thing.


BTW, I realize that your suggestion is a simple change out of the left side panel for a windowed panel on a 400q and be done with it. And to that, Corsair Nick has suggested that we could do that ourselves by purchasing a 400q case, a 400c windowed side panel (http://www.corsair.com/en-us/carbide-400c-left-side-panel-window), and the hinges that attach the windowed side panel to the case.

Note, I have not been able to locate the hinges in the Corsair shop and Corsair Nick has not responded to a message left in the message thread where he suggested this.

Here is the message thread where he suggested this: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=158877

His suggestion is message #5 of that thread. My request for help with finding the hinges is message #6 of that thread.

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