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Possibly weirdest thing ever happening to me... K95


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To start ive already done everything possible myself to figure out what could be causing this, so im asking for help from you all for this... be gentle:)


I have a K95 RGB Keyboard.



Out of nowhere my computer will shutdown under 0-100% stress so that doesnt matter, it will then reboot and start up. Just randomly... like every 1-3 hours of gaming. Ive narrowed it down to this keyboard... yes the keyboard... When its not plugged in no issue ever happens, can game for 10-20 hours with no restart... With the keyboard plugged in it will be every 1-3 hours like clockwork just reboot... Idk if its a firmware/driver or w.e issue but it only happens when this keyboard is plugged into ANY!!! usb port... could be my 3.0 or 2 2.0 usb ports and it just constantly does it. On any game too, from Diablo 3, WoW, Doom, overwatch anything doesnt matter 1-3 hours of play restart... Its extremly annoying, and ive spent about 10 hours once over a 3 day period trying to figure out the issue, ill explain how i figured this out...


I took out everything out of my computer, except 1 stick of ram, 1 vid card, and left just basics to run my comp... still did it... swaped the video card with my other one, still did it, swaped the ram with another stick, still did it... i then started thinking maybe its like a hub or one the other devices pluged in, so i started taking them or swaping them for KNOWN working devices on other machines i have that have no issues... well after like i said 10 hours of doing this... and played for 12-15 hours straight with no restart without the keyboard and then another day 12-15 hours straight again without the keyboard was fine. Then i got gutsy... pluged the k95 back in... about 1 hour passed... crash... reboot... lol... so im like hmm wierd... plugged the usb then into another usb just to see...(called corsair at this point asking them what to do, he said plug the 2 usb into a 2.0 instead of 3.0) i did... still crash 1-3 hours later... at this point im ready to throw this k95 out... but i spent over $200 on it when it came out, what are ur suggestions... i already flashed it with new firmware, already updated device software... did everything... im debating either using a hammer, or soaking it in a pool of acid at this point lol, since corsair seems to not acknowledge my issue at all...


my rig

EVGA X99 Classified MOBO

Intel i7 5960x

2 EVGA 980 GTX Classified Vids

32 gb of corsair dom ram

850 pro ssd 1tb

corsair ax1200i psu

all wraped in a 900d corsair case...

should i keep buying corsair since they wont help me??? or think im crazy... lol

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Its like a crash, the monitors go black, sits for like 1 second and restarts computer, then i have to plug in another keyboard because i use win7 and this pos k95 doesnt work in bios or before the computer boots up so i can hit start windows normally... what event viewer again? ive heard of it but never used it...
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