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Strafe RGB lights miscolored


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I got my Strafe in the mail today and after a few hours of use, I noticed some of the keys aren't displaying the correct color most of the time. The keyboard is solid otherwise (I'm constantly looking for an excuse to type on it), but the lighting problem is a dealbreaker. I put in a ticket to support, but seeing as they don't work weekends I'm asking around here if anyone has experienced anything similar and, if so, did it require an RMA?


Here's two pictures for reference. Keyboard should be displaying solid yellow on all keys. http://imgur.com/a/jB7BO :confused:




I took the cap off the b and n keys to compare, it looks like the offending keys aren't getting any red input at all.

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Reflash the firmware via CUE by force flashing it and see whether it resolves the issue.


If not, customer service should be able to provide you with necessary steps to perform a hard reset.


I forced a flash from the server in CUE under Settings > Device, and the problem persisted after the fact.


This is the support site I'm looking for, right? I put a ticket in there on Friday, hope they get back on monday.

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