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Carbide 400C PSU Length


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PSU Max Size is stated as two different sizes.


190mm on the overview page

200mm on the tech specs page

200mm in the manual


Which is it? I have a AX1200i i was looking to use in the case and want to make sure I'll be able to fit it.



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That can be confusing, but the PSU maximum will be 200mm for the PSU. Let me know if you need any other specs that you need clarified.


Gamers Nexus reviewed the Corsair Carbide 400C here:


Starting at ~2:50 (or thereabouts), they said that a power supply unit had to be 180mm or smaller to fit into this case if you’re going to use the 3 ½ inch hard drive cages.

A larger PSU could be used if the hard drive cage was removed.


Is this correct information?



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Hi all. Long time reader, first time poster.


I'm in the same situation. 1200AXi PSU and wanting to fit it into the 400c case.

I jumped the gun and bought the 400c, but we may be in luck.


The 3.5 HDD cage also allows its position to be shifted, same as how the case allows for varied positioning of radiators and fans throughout.


The 3.5 HDD cage in its default position (closer to the PSU) creates just over 210mm allowance for PSU + Cables. Given that the 1200Axi is mentioned as 200mm in length in its relevant Corsair tech spec page, this doesnt leave a whole lot for cable management.




Upside though, when the 3.5HDD cage is shifted to its secondary position, closer to the front of the case as it allows for, this creates just over 240mm of space for a PSU. Hopefully this should suffice.


Note that this isn't a result of modding the case. It's all stock standard included.


See links for photos displaying this. These are from when I unboxed the case an hour ago.


3.5 HDD Cage in default position [approx 210mm for PSU allowance]



3.5 HDD Cage in secondary position [approx 240mm for PSU allowance]



Slightly exposed HDD's form shroud, if shifting 3.5HDD cage to position 2.


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