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K70 RGB Rapidifre and M65 Pro Issues


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Current equipment,


Raptor M45

Corsair K70

Razer Blackwidow Chroma


I have to say that I was a little disappointed when I opened the package as the arm rest had scratches on it and the bottom right side of the keyboard had been scratched so that the silver aluminium is showing.


Once the keyboard was plugged in I have to say that I was a little underwhelmed, it is much less bright when compared to both the Razer Chroma and the original red led K70. The colour also seems way less rich when compared to the aforementioned keyboards I already own.


Moving onto the mouse now this more of an error on my part but I had assumed that the M45 and the M65 were the same size. When in fact the M65 Pro seems smaller by a noticable amount.


The M45 fits my hand perfectly but the M65 Pro is smaller and puts more strain on my hand trying to hold it the same way. I would seem however that the raptor line and M45 are no longer being made :(:


Mistakes were made :roll:

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If the keyboard issue is bothering you, contact your retailer and see whether you can get it replaced. If not, request an RMA to replace it via Corsair.




Thank you the keyboard will be going back, do you know if the Corsair Strafe has brighter lighting, I see that it has the white backplate so I am assuming it will look brighter?

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Yes, the white backplate is there is make the lights brighter.


Thanks I went ahead and bought an RGB Strafe Silent and the lighting appears much better thanks to the white back plate.


I have another question however, I have issues with my hands and I am finding it harder to keep the keys pushed down on the Silent compared to MX Reds, is this right or just in my imagination, they seem to offer much more resistance?

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The actuation force is still 45g, so it's the same as the red. It may "feels" like there is more resistance because of the shock absorber


It feels more like a blue, obviously it's linear but it's like there is something trying to push the key back up towards your finger.

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I'm not having much luck with peripherals at the moment, I bought the K70 RGB with the Rapidfire keys which we great and then swapped it as I wasn't keen on the RGB Lightning, as its not very bright to the Strafe which has lighting that I am happy with, due to the inclusion of the white backstrip but keys that hurt my hand.


I currently have a Blackwidow chroma and a Strafe silent, both have good rgb lighting but keys that's hurt my hand.


Back to square one but with more keyboards

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