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Help finding the right Motherboard or Ram


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Hi people I got my self a msi x99s gaming 7 socket 2011-3 motherboard and 2x4GB Corsair DDR4 3333MHz ram (CMK8GX4M2B3333C16) but found out my ram is not compatible for the motherboard does anyone know a motherboard that my ram will work in or should I get new ram?
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In a first step: you should change your memory, not your mainboard.

You have the same mobo like me and with socket 2011-v3 you have support for quad channel memory. So in a first step, use for more performance (*2) a memory kit with 4 sticks and not two.


Did you tried your memory? Did you put them on the right dimm-slots?

Just if it isn't on the compatibilty list, it should boot and join with 2133 MHz.

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