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New Corsair SP120 RGB and HD120 RGB fans


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So I just came across these on youtube and I remember asking about these a while back but here we are 1 year later and we have RGB fans with Corsair Link integration!!!!!!


But only 6 fans per Corsair Link module?


Few questions:


What is the default LED colour is one does not purchase the corsair link fan module?


Will they really be available in Q3 2016 or do we have to wait for Q1 2017? We all know how corsair loves delays

What is the price? As per previous thread when these was brought it was said they would be "moronically expensive"



RGB fans start at 1:52 time stamp



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thats the problem. i dont want to use ANALOG controllers in the year 2016. just seeing that little thing will destroy the aesthetic look of a computer case.


Phanteks uses Analog Controller in their Luxe Cases too, but the difference between them, Phanteks has optional Asus Aura Support.


I think they will first support the new Cases from Crystal Series with 3 Button on the I/O Panel.


I hope for the future it has Corsair Link Support.

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