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Does h100i v2 remember its settings?


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I use an h100i v2 to cool my CPU currently, I have it hooked up to the CPU_FAN and the single internal USB header on my ITX mobo. I just purchased a fan controller that also needs access to an internal USB header, so I'm curious about disconnecting the h100i v2. I've set up an LED color and a fan curve via Corsair Link and I want to know if those settings will be retained if I disconnect the h100i's USB cable. Is the USB connection needed for just making changes? Or is the connection needed for constant communication with the software? Maybe even for power?


If they will not be, I'll need to figure out an alternative solution to this problem.

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You could do as I say in http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=759612 and have both connected.


Thanks. I was actually considering the NZXT UI01. I've been a bit nervous because though it has overall good reviews, the bad ones mention mobos shorting out or the power connector going up in flames. But maybe I won't need to use it with the extra power based on what you said in the other thread.


The solution that involves moving the pins is interesting as well. it would be a bit awkward to have both pieces tied down to the same female plug, but could definitely work.


Thanks for the quick response.


I'm surprised there aren't simple splitters for the headers seeing how it's two columns of identical pins.

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