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H60 Loose Pump Mounting LGA 1155 ASUS P8P67


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I just picked up an H60 for my first foray into water cooling. I installed it on an old 1155 board, and I can't seem to get the mounting bracket tight enough. I've checked and double checked, and the backplate, standoffs, and bracket are all installed per instructions and as snug as I can get them. This unit has the thicker rubber tubing, which appears to be putting more sideways pressure than the mounting bracket can handle. In fact, after removing the pump block, I found that a large chunk of the water block wasn't even contacting the CPU heat spreader because of that.


The best I have found so far is that it appears there is more space between my standoffs and the motherboard preventing the bracket from getting tightened down as snugly as it should be. I've found other posts such as this one, where people had to add small washers to pull the bracket down tighter and get it to work, but other directions saying the looseness is OK and washer are not recommended.



I'm getting pretty frustrated with the vagueness of the installation instructions and nothing in them about making sure you do things a certain way, such as how much play is too much to get proper tightness of the pump block.


Right now after first installed, the pump performs a few degrees worse than the air cooler I had on there before, but over time (like the pump block contact is creeping), it jumps up to 69 C which is almost 10 C hotter than the air cooler I was previously using. I don't see that this will work without adding washers behind the MB to pull the bracket down tighter, and then I'm not even sure, but since that isn't recommended, I'm not sure what to do.


I've attached some images to help illustrate the first time I removed it.


Thanks for any help anyone can give.




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I'll have to try holding it down, but its a bit of a pain to do and try to monitor if the temps change.


The bracket does have the different shape at the top to avoid the socket backplate screws. I made sure I have that on right, so it isn't skewed.

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I also found this video on Youtube, that looks exactly like the issue I'm having. [ame]



His seemed even worse though, where the temperature would rocket up after he stopped holding the block down.


The problem I have with the washer solution, is it would then transfer all of the force of the mounting to the board, and not to the back of the socket as intended. I suppose it could be fine forever, but I could see the potential for board damage as well.

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OK, spent some time today dismantling and trying to work out what was going wrong. Worked out that it was a poorly surfaced water block that isn't flat! I'm pretty disappointed, I mean that is a big deal for a cooler. So I'll be seeing if I can sort that out with support, but in the meantime I reinstalled the air tower cooler.


Thanks to Toasted for the comment about trying to hold down the waterblock to see if things changed. I think that helped me take a step back and try to troubleshoot things.


When I tried to hold down the waterblock, I didn't feel any movement, didn't really see a difference in cooling either, best I could tell, so I pulled it apart, and found a similar contact patch on the water block and CPU (this time the TIM was applied to the CPU vs. the block). So I put the waterblock back and tried to work it down the best I could to get as much contact as possible, and still no contact areas.


So I pulled it all apart, cleaned everything up, and got out the metal straight edge. Sure enough, visible gap. I was shocked! I mean seriously?!


So I guess I would recommend this easy step to anyone ever having issues with a cooler of any sort. Check the CPU contact patch for flatness. It appears the water block bracket is most likely just fine.


Hope this post might help someone else experiencing similar issues to this.


Here are a few wrap up images for reference.

IMG_1201.JPG - waterblock with missing contact patch (again).

IMG_1202.JPG - CPU with undisturbed TIM spread on one side.

IMG_1204.JPG - perfectly flat CPU

IMG_1207.JPG - not so flat waterblock

IMG_1230.JPG - for fun, the perfectly flat mirror finish of the previous tower cooler I am reinstalling until I can sort out a fix with support hopefully.






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