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UPS Confusion with CX600 V2


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I've been out of the computer world for about a decade and it has been a steep learning curve getting back in.


One thing I never thought I'd need to worry about was the UPS - figure out the Max Watts and buy. Then I ran into this APFC concept.


My problem is not one of money but of size. The sine wave UPSs are too damn big to fit where I need it. Sorry, I'm long winded but too many words than too few I figure.


Anyway, the unit that is coming has a CX600 V2 PSU. I would like to use the APC BR1000G Back-UPS because it has the Watts I need in a small enough case. Given the price and that their questions about it going back 12 years I am guessing it does not produce sine wave output in battery mode.


The machine will most likely be on 24/7 and while unlikely the power could fail while I am out.

My question is, will that UPS damage that power supply?


All but one monitor will be plugged in on the Battery Backup side.

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