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M65 - no device detected


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Corsair software and hardware (I also have a gawd awful loud H100iGTX) are becoming sub-standard fair.


Just bought, plugged in, and used a M65 for about 3 hours. Several minutes ago I decided to download some garbage labeled, "Corsair Utility Engine 1.16.42."


Immediately it wanted Internet access.


Ok go for it.


Next it pops up, "No device detected. Please connect a device." So I used the 'No device detected' mouse to click through all the tabs, except "Device" which was grey.


Ok. Unplugged the M65 from my computer's USB 3 port. Waited a few seconds and plugged it back in. "Device" tab in the utility still grey.


Unplugged the mouse again. This time plugged it into a USB 2 port. Nothing.


Quit the CUE. Restarted. Same pop up.


Restarted the computer. Same process. Nothing.


Now what?





Dunno what else...

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