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MX-Blue Silver, Europe


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I love the K95 and i'm almost certain this is the one i'm getting. Couple of clarifications.


-I want mx blues. I searched and found some early batches shipped out before this version got disconinued. Is there any way i can find an mx-blues version.


-I also like the silver version that non-RGB K70 once come out. Does this still come out, and can i get one for K95 RGB.


-If nothing can be done, i guess i'll go with the mx-browns switches black finish. In any case i want to discuss price. Vendors on my country have it for 220-230 Euros which in this time and age it is a lot. I can go as high as 200 and less for an immediate purchase.

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1) They do only limited runs from time to time, subscribe to their newsletter to be notified when it happens. But most likely you might want to wait and see if they release an updated version, the K95 LUX RGB. They already released new versions for the K70 and K65 so the K95 shouldn't be far, the current LUX keyboards all come with blue switches to the chance of the K95 LUX RGB having these kind of switches is high (and they are not special runs anymore).


2) As far as I know the silver version has been discontinued a while ago, I might be wrong though. You should check with Corsair directly, unless you wait for #1.


3) See (again) my reply for #1 ;)

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