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H115i noise RMA?


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I have recently purchased an h115i from newegg and it has this weird ticking like noise when in performance mode and I was wandering if it was normal or if it was a defect of some sort... any help is appreciated :)







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The pump should not tick and click... ever. If it does not do this in quiet pump mode at the lower RPM, but does click at higher speeds, this suggests a mechanical issue rather than an adjustable setting or inconsistent power delivery. You can be very thorough if you choose and try another SATA connection (both cable and PSU connection), but I am not optimistic it will cause a change.


I would RMA or exchange the unit. Normally on a brand new unit, it is quicker and easier to return it to the vendor if you are still in your return window. However, I am not sure I would classify Newegg as friendly with returns. If you RMA through Corsair, be sure and expressly indicate this a brand new unit (you will also have to upload the invoice). They should make this a user friendly process.

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