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WTH? Left Click does not equal Left Button?


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****WARNING Do not do this on a profile you want to keep using. If you are going to test it do so with a sample profile for nothing but this.





So this just started happening today.


I had a couple of CUE profiles where I had made something of a macro on the left mouse button but later ditched the macro and reverted it back to simply left mouse button.


I've been using it that way for the past week or so. By 'that way' I mean that where it normally reads 'Left Click' on the left mouse button by default it was instead reading Left Button. If you click on the 1. Left Click on the Mouse in CUE and select Remap Key/Button you are given the following options:

Left Button Back Button Scroll Down

Right Button Forward Button Tilt Left

Middle Button Scroll Up Tilt Right

Then instead of reading Left Click it reads Left Button when you go back to the main window. The last week this had been working fine. Today now that 'Left Button' does not do anything. If I switch to a profile that reads Left Click instead of Left Button then my left mouse button goes back to working just like it was always supposed to.


So this makes it so that I can't do anything with the profile. Can't even try to reset the left mouse button to default from the drop down list because I can't even get the drop down list at all with that button not working.



Which brings up another issue. I can not even delete those profiles because I have to switch to the profile in order to do so... /facepalm

Why is there not a 'profile list' in which we can right click on a profile for a drop down list (without having to load the same profile) with various options such as: delete profile, load profile, export profile.. why is the drop down list not initiated via a right click anyways for any of the drop down lists?


I'm sure I can delete the profiles in question by going to their folder in the CUE files but I don't know where exactly I should go to do that. So the point of this post was to make Corsair aware of the issue (not sure what happened that all of a sudden it is today this is happening) and ask the community:

How do I delete those profiles in the files so I can remake them with a working left mouse button?

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Using your keyboard.


Windows Key+R

Type %Appdata%\Corsair

Tab till the folder is selected. (Alt+Tab to focus the window if it isn't)

Delete the hid folder.

Restart cue by opening Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)

Tab to processes tab.

Tab to processes list and use arrow keys to select CUE.

Tab to exit process and use enter to select.


Note: This will reset CUE.


or connect a mouse that does not use CUE.

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Thanks Toasted and yeah I did a facepalm after posting this I did exactly 'connect a mouse that does not use CUE' and of course was able to correct the issue. Only didn't remove the post because well why does the Left Mouse Button option in CUE not equal Left Click? ... and some other critique in there I hope is somewhat useful. Maybe CUE2 will correct some of the issues. Signed up to beta it.


Also CUE locks up when I use a different mouse and try to 'Rest to Default' on that button.

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PLEASE look into this issue corsair, this is more serious than you realize. Months later it is still stressing users out and confusing them, and this is child's play to fix. Hurry up. I paid good money for a mouse capable of rebinding NOT a mouse capable of mysteriously saying 'NO' to the two main buttons.....


This use to work, make it work again. I see in another thread you disabled this because of people who got themselves into trouble due to rebinding left click. FOLLY. Laziest reason I have ever read. Your software ONLY allows rebinding right now after a popup that can only be bypassed by rebinding Left Button to another button, but Left Button is not =/= Left Click (according to your developers), and we cannot bind Left 'Click'. Your software considers Left Button to be good enough to bypass the popup though and allows you to rebind Left Click, really giving you the instant impression that Left Button =/= Left Click. This causes the ENTIRE issue. So how about make Left Button work again please?


Right now, both left and right 'button' functions do nothing in Corsair Utility Engine. Nada.

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