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MSI Neo2 and 3 modules or Corsair Value Ram 3200


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I have a MSI Neo2 Platinum; i first purchased 2 sticks of 256mb Corsair 3200 (400fsb) ram, i inserted them into the memory slots and they worked fine. I then at a later date purchased 1 stick of Corsair 3200 (400fsb) 512mb, and i was unsuccessful at getting all 3 modules to run in the board together. Now i have the stick of 512mb running in 1 of the green slots on the board and 1 stick of 256mb running in the other green slot on the motherboard (They run fine). When i try to run all 3 sticks in the board together all i get is a constant *BEEP*.

Have you any ideas of what i can try or do to get all 3 modules running in the motherboard together.





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First thing please check the user manual for the correct slots, but I do not think you can use 3 modules with this platform. 1, 2, or 4! You should be using 2 modules that are exactly matched for best performance. And with this platform you cannot mix memory or the system may not post. Sorry!
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