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Help connecting GTX 970 with Corsair 750 PSU


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Hello! First off, I would like to apologize for not putting the system information for my profile, as I am transferring specs and I was not sure what to put.


Now, to the question, I have been having issues connecting the GPU "Geforce GTX 970" with the power supply "Corsair 750". I am trying to upgrade from a GTX 660 to a GTX 970, and the new graphics card has an 8-pin slot. After some research, I concluded that this was to be connected directly to a PCIe port on the power supply. Therefore, I purchased a PCIe cable (8-pin to 6+2-pin). The 6+2 pin end slotted perfectly into the GPU, however, I am unable to plug the 8 pin end into the 8 pin socket on the PSU.


Did I get the wrong cable, or am I just approaching this incorrectly? I am very confused at this point, and would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction.


Also, links to correct cables etc. would be very helpful! Thanks for reading! ♥

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