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K70 RGB 'Stuck' or 'Laggy' Input Registration (Resolved)


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Hi guys, I wanted to share my experiences with a certain issue which I attempted to find a solution for on these forums. I found the culprit of the problem in my particular case and felt like passing it along for anyone who may need it.


My keyboard Corsair K70 RGB was experincing an issue where typing would hiccup at consistent intervals (approx every 2 second) while typing rapidly.


While gaming, this issue manifested itself as a held or sticky button input while the key was not depressed. For example, while alternating between strafing directions in an FPS, about every 2 seconds the player movement would become 'stuck' in one direction before releasing back to proper input.


To troubleshoot, I disabled individual processes in Windows task manager one at a time before discovering the Leap Motion drivers running in the background seemingly the cause of the conflict. After uninstalling the drivers the issue has ceased. At the time I did not have my leap motion connected to the computer, so I am not sure if the issue persists while the device is attached, but there was a background polling issue which caused an issue with other USB devices.

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Hi, i have the same problem. I notice it when playing Overwatch. I don´t have the Leap Motion controller, so i don´t know what to do. I googleit a lot and found no answer. If it´s a software issue i can live with it, but if it´s a hardware issue... My keyboard has only 1 day. Thanks


1: Running windows 10 64bit, and logitech software for the mouse.

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