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Corsair AX1500i on sale at newegg for $336 after rebate TODAY


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I posted a corsair fan sale here and it got deleted,dont be surprised if yours doesn't also

its a very trigger happy place


oh, that sucks. i didn't see anything against this in the rules, i looked first. and since this is a corsair deal from an obviously authorized dealer, i figured we can put it in the general discussion section.

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Ive not seen any rule violation either,its more of a contention of the mods in my opinion to view it as a form of competition

I found fans at the last ''Prime Holiday'' on December the 25th [no the proper terminology of thousands of years cannot be mentioned here] of over half off and figured such as yourself in that I was doing a good deed also but mine got the axe with no reason what so ever.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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