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h115i fans slow down to minimum during Aida64 stability test?!?!


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I recently built a new system with i7-6700k CPU and Corsair h115i cooler. I found it a bit strange how this cooler hooks up to the system - its a bit complicated with the USB header but then I guess it allows for Corsair link to control it.


I have Corsair link set to Quiet profile and at idle and load it usually hovers right at 1140rpm. I decided to stress my CPU and installed Aida64 software. The minute I chose "system stability test" option in Aida64, the fan speed goes down to 780 RPM, before the test even begins. Once I start the test, CPU usage goes to 100%, temperature starts rising and h115i fans stay at 780rpm. After a few minutes the CPU temperature goes up to 85-90C, at which point I shut off the test. I tried changing profiles in Corsair link but RPM still goes down to 780 during the test. Even if I change profiles during the test, RPMs go up but after about a second go back down to 780.


Is this a normal behavior?

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