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H110 and h90 dimension diagrams?


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I am looking to use the h110 and h90 in custom built cases, however I need accurate measurement for how far over the edge the radiator sticks from the fans, and how tall the water block is including the hoses, and the outer dimensions of the hoses. This is for a very compact ATX case. I didn't see a contact link to ask directly, and can only find the overall dimension on Google.


Any help would be appreciated, if not I will just go ahead and buy both to get the measurements, but I'm at a standstill until I get them.

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I don't think any one is going to be able to provide this. See here. It should be on the product page or at the very least a link to it. With the long US holiday weekend, tt is likely going to be a couple of days before any from Corsair responds. It might be a few more days after that anyway. Depending on your time constraints, you may want to acquire them from a return friendly vendor.


In the less than exact category, the H90 end caps are small and rounded. The odds are in your favor. As for the H110, it depends on the model you want. The newer H110i/GT/GTX/H115 models have massive end caps and an oversize casing on the radiator itself. Those may be difficult. If you mean the older Asetek H110 model that is related to the H90, again the odds are in your favor and I may be able to provide precise measurements from mine. Send me a PM if that is the model you need.

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Asetek H110


Base unit length (including end caps) - 310mm (Corsair puts it at 312)

Radiator length (no end caps) - 278mm (1mm fan overhang on each end)

End caps - 15mm on non-hose end. 17mm on insertion end cap.

Fan spacing - 20mm

Width - 140mm, as specified

Actual exterior radiator thickness - 28mm


Hose insertion into the radiator does not swivel like on the block. However, you flex them somewhat from side to side and hoses are very flexible. This might aid in circumventing a rear fan or drive bay obstruction, if necessary. When in doubt, I have rounded up to the next millimeter to keep the measurements conservative. I am not sure about the overall length discrepancy. I took that one about 6 times. Regardless, the hose insertions do not protrude beyond the end cap, so that does represent the total unit length.


Let me know if you need something else.

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