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Ax760I issue


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This computer has been off for a couple months now and all was ok when last turned off.

First I have all the normal lights on the motherboard when turned off,but when I turn it on it powers up for a split second and shuts off,with no further response from the power button, the only way to initiate a boot is to cycle the main power switch.

Doing this only repeats the split second power reaction.

If I continue doing this it eventually will boot into windows but will shut down within a few minutes

As noted this build was working fine when last shut down but we have had a couple short power outages lately.


It may also be worth noting this m/b has the diagnostic code checks and once it does boot up,it passes all the m/b checks


I know its a holiday weekend and dont expect a response till next week but would appreciate assistance from a mod then

After this Ill continue my absence from the forum


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I have seen the same effect a few times and it was always down to an issue with the PSU.


Can you try using a different PSU? You only need to connect the 24-pin + 4/8-pin motherboard power to do a quick test.

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Several posts have been helped that were posted after me so ill assume mine was simply over looked,however addressing this would certainly be cheaper than rma'ing it thru corsair

i have noticed having the main power off and when holding front power depressed and then turning on main power ,the computer will boot up.

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