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Corsair 200R fitted with H110i GT O/C 4.6Ghz

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Well I'm working on testing out a modification for the side panel to lower the VRM temps in acceptable range. I have a TUF motherboard <sabertooth 990fx> and want it to survive Prime 95 Torture tests in high ambient temps. So I just finished cooking it for 40 min and hit 80 Celsius on the V-core 1 module. It never went past there. ambient was 29 c or 84 F. The only problem I encounter with overclocking is the Vcore 1 temp. I read once somewhere that the temps on TUF components are much higher than that in the 100+ area before it should really red flag but I don't trust that until I can confirm it. At any rate, sun started to set and it hit 27 and 26 in here and dropped below 80, its still running but I was really trying to test 29 30 degrees Celsius for ambient. Otherwise clocking it at 4.3 is as fine as hot whipped milk and sugar. I think I might make plastic cone to funnel the air on the Vcore 1 and the chipseat. Theres a cheap case fan and a wax paper cup with the bottom cut out to test it in theory before I get the appropriate fan and mod the plastic window side panel with vents and mounting.







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