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Shopping for dual rank DDR3 2400 modules


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In my application I really need the performance of dual rank over single rank modules, and find it a pain to find any useful info in that respect. Is there any easy way to tell which modules are dual rank? I found some generic statements elsewhere suggesting 4GB modules are more likely single rank, and 8GB modules dual rank, but I'd like to be more sure than that.


I don't care about capacity or latency, only bandwidth really matters. So I would prefer 2x4GB for cost, but could go to 2x8GB if really needed. Even 4 single rank modules is a possibility but it looks like this would cost more than 2x8.


For example, I'm looking at following Vengeance Pro kits:



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Absent further info I bought the 2x8GB kit above anyway. Just did some initial testing on it. Easy start. Plug it in, set XMP and I had 2400. Confirmed it was dual rank, and all way good.


Can I do better? So I tried OC it. 2600 booted. 2800 booted. 2933 booted and I ran out of multipliers. It is a new mobo so I'm not familiar with the bios layout yet, if there might be different ratios somewhere else. Timings were on auto while I did this, and 2933 actually benched lower than 2800, so I started to stabilise 2800 and tweak the latency. Got errors with 12-14-14 and 11-16-16 but 12-15-15 seems to be fine with initial testing.

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