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Corsair Strafe RGB Shift key being detected... Bit worried.


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The last couple of days I have noticed that my keys have been uppercase a lot, like one of the shift keys are being pressed. I pulled the cap off the key on the left shift key and dont see much damage on the switch. Theres a slight wiggle to the switch from the PCB but I don't think it's the issue. Just worried about it. It's not all the time either. I booted my PC today and sticky keys came up too, so that could be the same? (Sticky keys is launched when pressed the Shift key 5 times).


I don't want to pull the cap off the right switch because it looks like a different key cap and don't want to damage the keyboard.


Only happened twice so might have just had something caught in it but want to have some advice on it. What do you guys think? It's the brown switch btw :)




- Sam

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Reasons for me to believe this would be:


(First occurrence was yesterday)


1. I was typing things into the Fallout 3 log thing but all the letters I was typing were in capital letters, even though my caps lock wasn't on, so shift was being pressed for some strange reason.


2. I booted my PC this morning = fine.


BUT when I booted again later that day a sticky keys message popped up and I didn't even press the shift key, let alone 5 times.

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