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600Q and bottom-mounted 360mm radiator


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I wanted to build my first water-cooled PC (noob alert!) and have just purchased a 600Q case. Looking at the bottom of my case, I can see how a 360mm rad would physically FIT, but I am concerned about the front and back case fans getting in the way of the rad fans/fittings.


If I get a 360mm rad, will I need to sacrifice a case fan, or does everything fit okay? How thick of a rad can I get, or does that depend on what stuff is mounted on the mainboard?

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UPDATE: HardOCP's review has this image, which seems to indicate the case is big enough to allow a big radiator with push/pull 'above' the MB hardware. Good News!


Also, the picture leads me to believe the missing fans are not a problem: they will be made up for by the fan(s) on the radiator itself. So I am probably worrying too much.



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