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ASUS Rampage V Extreme and Corsair DIMM MTS (temperature) reporting


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I have an ASUS Rampage V Extreme and the DIMM temperature reporting seems slightly temperamental (Samples column) so I am trying to figure out

if the issue is with the motherboard or DIMMs. It would be helpful to know what happens when Corsair rather than Crucial DIMMs are being reported.

On my system I get as below, but all the samples should be the same as they are on red-ray’s system.







If you have an ASUS Rampage V Extreme with Corsair DIMMs that report their temperature

please will you post a screen shot of the SIV [DIMM Status] (Menu->Hardware->DIMM Status) panel once the Samples is >= 1000?


Thank you.



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I recently found that is caused by the DIMM TSOD reporting being enabled. If possible disable TSOD in the BIOS (maybe "Closed Loop Thermal Throttling" option), if this is not possible it's no big deal as only about 1% of the reads are failing.


TSOD being enabled also affects other programs, see http://www.passmark.com/forum/burnintest/36398-reasons-for-missing-or-incorrect-ram-spd-info


If you search http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/Socket2011-R3/Z10PE-D8_WS/Manuals/E9804b_Z10PE-D8_WS_UM_V4_WEB.pdf for CLTT you will find the BIOS options for that ASUS board which should help you know what to look for.

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