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h80i v2, how I was amazed and what I discovered.


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Upon installing my H80i V2 I almost regretted having bought the water cooler instead of going the safe route. I had reasonable temperatures sitting idle at 30 and maxing at 81 under prime95.


I sought help here due to an incredible noise my fans were making, a good samaritan on this board gave me a few hints and it improved things, while I was happier I still wasn't satisfied. I have watched so many youtube videos that I feel I know everything about water coolers now, probably still a noob though.


Left without any real answers I decided to think more about airflow in my case which is perhaps a bit too small for my setup and the tubes/wires are all over the place without a real solution to make it "prettier" and more "air friendly".


All I had to do in my push/pull configuration which sits in front of my case was to reverse the airflow, the fan noise stopped and the temperature dropped by about 5 degrees on idle, from 30 to 25. I of course also reversed the two fans on top of the case and they are now pulling air out of the case. There must have been something very wrong with the airflow in my case with the previous setup.


Prime95 pushes my system to about 75 celsius on a 15 minute run without the fans needing to accelerate that much since the cooling is actually working now.


I am finally happy with things and completely satisfied with my purchase, it did take me quite the work to figure things out though and I learned tons of stuff about other things than water coolers.


PS: I wrote this post because I lot of people seem to have the same problem after a google search, their fans making a buzzing noise. I bet many of them have airflow problems, maybe my post will help someone with the same problems.

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Prime 95 is not a good way to stress test, it gives unrealistic results, mainly due to boosting the cpu voltage. I much prefer to use my PC, play games, watch video etc and monitor the temps.


You are now running it in what most people would consider to be the conventional way, cold air in the front, hot air out through the top/back.


By pulling air in through the front and through the rad, you will be pumping warm air into the case and you find that other components such as the gpu, get hot, you can cool them slightly by using the H80i on the top or back and fans on the front to draw cool air in, however there will be a trade-off of a few degrees increase in cpu temp.

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