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Power Consumption SF450 (Turned Off)


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Hi everybody,


I bought a SF450 PSU and are very happy, that it is 100% silent when running my ASRock N3150-ITX setup with one SSD and 2 HDD.


But I just noticed, when I switch the hardware power switch on the PSU to "0" (Off), my power consumption monitor still shows ~15W (I live in Germany, so we've got 230V AC here).


So now I wonder what the heck is the PSU doing even though it is turned off?! Are these 15W some kind of minimum power consuption the PSU requires? In normal operation mode I've got around 35W. Does it mean the hardware (mainboard, CPU, SSD and HDDs) actually only need 20W?


I'm struggling with the question if I should keep the PSU or send it back to the supplier ...


Best regards


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