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(You may found troubles with my English, that's because I'm italian...)


I've bought a pair of TWINX2048-3200C2PT from ebay, tried them in my computer and found that didn't work, I couldn't even see my bios screen...

I've tried just with one memory and discovered that one of the two works, then tried the other one alone and nothing...

Last step I've tried them both togheter again but switching their position: my pc could hardly find them both, but windows always gave me a critical error and reboot...


Now I'm working with just one of the two... Is there anything I can do? Does this mean that one of my memories is gone? If so, what do I have to do?


Thank you very much for your help,


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Mmmm, that's what i thought at the beginning, but something someone told me is that is a RAM module doesn't work, your computer won't even count it nor start...


Maybe I've got to set on my BIOS the exact timing of my new RAM to let them work properly... I didn't now anything precisely, so I din't touch anything...


And what about if the RAM is really gone? I gotta ask to my reseller, send back to him the piece and wait till he ask for warranty and sends it back to me again?

If so, would it be enough to send the just non-working piece? I don't wont to be forced buying another RAM in the meantime, that would be against my original purpouse of sparing money...


Thank you for your help!




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