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Corsair 200R fitted with H110

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Custom Rig to get a great system. Runs 7 Deg. Idle, 29 @ max load with Prime 95. Ambient Temp is 20 Deg. System is Overclocked to 4.34 from 4.0 GHZ (Turbo always enabled, High Performance Computing mode Enabled) The case fans were swapped out with the fans from the old h100i I had in there before. Stickers are just for appearance, some of those brands are actually not in the system.) Prime 95 running for 10 min in the screenshot. The process terminated at the top is an old log from a few min previous. The Process Lasso shows restraints because of settings under the H100i, there is no cpu line visible because its been buried underneath the max load line for longer duration than the graph shows. For that reason I opened up the graph on temps in Speccy to show the fluctuations for legitimacy purposes.
















Here's some Dark Souls 3 running in game <not menu, full rendering, but unfortunately doesn't render to desktop in preview mode :(> with temps



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I'm planning on mounting a bracket for the fans on top with a mesh filter. Note that in the Dark Souls 3 shot is the vid card at 45 while speccy and corsair link show CPU at 19. The compact nature of the 200 vs say a full tower makes the air flow much more dense. Also the exhaust fan can spin up to 5000 rpm. The little guy packs a mean punch as it came from a heat sink meant for the 8350, ripped it off and taped it in place. The power supply fan never kicks on.


Airflow is down over rad and cpu from the top. From the back is intake which goes across the cpu. On the front of the case is an intake fan which pushes airflow underneath and across the video card. The Windforce has 3 fans blowing heat down and the exhaust fan above the cpu pulls heat out of the system. The V-Core will fluctuate when idle for power saving, going to .9 which is when I get the 7-8 degree lows. Task manager process app will show its utizilizing say ~3.8 out of 4.34 GHZ on 8 cores. but under full load it will go to 1.3 V and utilitze the full spectrum. Highest recorded temp since I installed the H110iGT is 29 Celsius.

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