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How to instal a reset switch in Carbide 200R case?


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Hi GoNz0,

Looking the manual, certainly it has a "reset" button next to power button.:bigeyes:

Now, i like this box a little more :laughing:


Another question: Do you know where i can buy a dust filter for the upper of the box?



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No I don't but fitting a dust filter where it doesn't have one can often be done with either a magnetic filter or fitting mesh?


900D owner so I know nothing about your case at all other than wondering if they really did make a case without a reset button :)

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I have not buy the case yet. Looking the pic seems that the power button seems to be the "reset", perhaps pressing the left corner, as you say...

And looking in the manual, there is a wire for "Reset".


Thanks Snapper69!


I have seens this dust filter for the upper:


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