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Which PSU for Media server?


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As well as my VR build that I have been asking component questions around the forum on, I'm also building a 20x HDD media server. PSU calc tells me I need about 400W so I guess I'll be purchasing a 500 or 550w PSU.


I'm actually using an Air540 case for the media server and fitting the parts rather unconventionally. I'll actually have the mobo installed above the PSU on the PSU side of the case. I'll be drilling out intake holes in the side panel for the Noctua C14 cooler I'll be using.


I want to help air out the back of the case though and want to reverse the normal orientation of the PSU in this Air540 case such that the PSU fan will pull air from around the motherboard and exhaust it out the back of the case.


Is there anything I should keep in mind when choosing a corsair PSU for this particular build. For example, I'd like the PSU fan to remain on permanently. With improving efficiency and build quality I see a lot of Corsair PSU fans actually don't spin except under heavy load. Perhaps I need an RMi to be able to tell the PSU fan to stay spinning with corsair link?? Or do the cheaper non i PSU's have a physical mode switch so that I can keep the fan on?

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I'm personally using the Air 240 and RM550 for my 24/7 NAS, but to add more storage I plan on using our SFX450/600. The RMi series would be a great choice as you would have the option to keep the fan at a constantly spinning. The only units that do not have a Zero RPM fan mode are the CX, CS, and VS series that fit your wattage range. Is there any particular reason you don't want to utilize the ZeroRPM fan mode for quieter operation, especially in a media setting? That's one of the biggest reasons I'm personally using the RM550 is the Zero RPM fan mode.
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Its going to be mainly a media server but needs to perform several other functions one of which is run 7 or 8 1080p CCTV cameras. I've actually reverted to my original plan of 9x 900D Hotswap HDD caddies which will take 27 HDD's + the 2 already in the case = 29 and an SSD OS drive totals 30 drives.


With some mods that'll involve a dremel and a drill and DIY mobo standoffs , I'll be mounting the motherboard unconventionally on the PSU side of the case with its i5 CPU, Noctua C14 Cooler and HBA SAS/SATA cards. If my plans with with some acrylic and LED's work out and I can make that side of the case pretty, I'll purchase another Windowed Side panel for that side of the case. In that scenario I'd want to run the PSU fan even if it wasn't needed to cool the PSU itself to help extract warm air from the case. All fans would be run slow to keep things quiet. Its why I went for the biggest best CPU cooler I could fit despite probably not pushing a low TDP i5 very hard most of the time.


However, If I can't get that side of the case pretty enough, then I won't get another windowed side panel and will instead cut a section out of the existing PSU side panel and install a mesh fan grille from my brothers 600T (He uses the window) In that scenario I'd utilise the fans on that side of the case differently and likely won't need the PSU fan to help extract air.


Don't worry. The 9x HDD caddies fit. I checked. :D:








The server will be called...




Density because its going to be one dense Mofo with all those HDD's and components crammed inside eventually. Cubed because thats what shape the case is :D:

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That is...............................WICKED


Used to have even fancier plans which I rendered. At the time the plan was for it to be a Steam inhome Game streaming server as well as a media server and everything else. x99/5930K 3x GPU's utilising PCI-e extender cables. Believe it or not, it all fit and the case would have been even more dense. :D:


However I realised my ideas were running away from my modding capabilities. Back burnered the plan for a year and am back with a more realistic achievable plan considering my modding capabilities. For the simpler server I just need to dremel cut out a bit of the back grille and drill a new air intake vent on the floor of the case and maybe cut out a section of the side panel to fit a mesh grille for the C14 Cooler intake.









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