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:laughing:I'm running this Corsair Dominator Platinum with a Asus Crosshair Formula Z motherboard and I cant get the memory to run at the 1866 speed its supposed to on xmp mode I can get it to 930 or so but it will not run at 1866 like stated on the box. I don't know anything about overclocking or underclocking and can only put in the timings 9-10-9-27 motherboard recognises it but wont run it on 1866 where am I going wrong Ive tried using single dim 2 dims 3 dims and the four I have same thing. This also done this on my old Asus sabretooth rev 2 and An Asrock extreme 6 . I'm using an AMD 9590 cpu and an Xfx Xtr 1050 watt power supply. I must mention I got the same from 32 gig of corsair vengeance tactical so it must be me. What am I missing?


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